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Puppy Pledge

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My name is Lily Belle and I’m the official mascot for Beachwalker Rentals.  Isn’t it great that our humans are taking us on an amazing vacation to Kiawah or Seabrook Islands!  I would hate to be left home like the cat was or be locked up in "puppy jail” and be boarded and lonely.  
If we are going to be allowed to stay, we need to follow the rules so raise your paw and repeat after me:
I ________ agree to abide by the following rules and take this puppy pledge:
  1. When we go for a walk, I will be on a leash at all times unless in a designated "off leash” area.
  2. My puppy parents will pick up after me when we go for walks and bring "doggie” bags.  I will tell them that any beach access areas provide bags for you.  
  3. When I come into the property my parents will wipe my paws so that I do not bring in any sand or dirt into the property.  I will remind my parents to hose off my paws and body at the boardwalk or outdoor shower and use our towel we brought from home to dry me off.
  4. I promise not to bark when left in the property so that I do not disturb the neighbors.
  5. I will not jump up on the furniture.  I will stay on the floor.  If I must go on the furniture, my owners will bring a sheet, blanket or towel from home for me to sit on so that I am never directly on the furniture or blankets or bedspreads.
  6. Before we leave, my parents will remove/vacuum up any access fur if I have shed to make it easier to clean for the next puppy family arriving. 
  7. I will make sure my parents put flea and tick prevention on me prior to our vacation, so it can take effect so that I am not itchy or spread fleas in the property.
  8. If I’m a bad dog and have an accident, my parents will clean it up immediately.  If there are any stains that require carpet or furniture cleaning my parents will call the office to report it so that it can be cleaned before the next puppy arrives.  The cost of this will come out of that non-refundable pet fee they paid.
  9. I will not chew or scratch the furniture, doors or walls.  If I am a very bad dog my parents will have to pay for the repairs so I definitely don’t want to do this!
  10. If my parents bring a crate, they will bring a rug or blanket from home to be placed under the crate so that the floors are not scratched or stained.


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