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Beachwalker Rentals is "your family at the beach”!  Our family includes "Lily Belle”, a cute little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who you may find sitting in our office window waiting to greet you when you arrive.  We believe that when you go on vacation your whole family should be able to come.  That’s why Beachwalker and our mascot Lily Belle are pleased to welcome your "furry family members” to join you on your trip to the beach at many of our properties.
Our pet friendly properties generally allow small to medium sized (under 35 pound dogs).   However some properties will make exceptions for larger "family friendly” dogs such as Golden or Labrador Retrievers so let us know your specific details to see if your pet can join you.  As a general rule, we allow no more than two dogs per reservation. There is a $25 per day non-refundable pet fee per dog with a limit of 2 dogs. The non-refundable pet fee covers any damages and excess cleaning up to the amount of the pet fee.  Any additional cleaning or damages will result in additional charges.  
All of our Beachwalker pet-friendly rentals welcome dogs only, so sadly your cats, pot-bellied pigs, hamsters and parrots, etc. will need to stay at home due to allergy concerns.  Pets are allowed in our "pet friendly” properties only with the payment of the non-refundable pet fee.  Any pets found in non-pet friendly properties or who do not pay the fee will be asked to leave without refund and/or will be charged an additional fee of the greater of one night’s rent or $500.
Helpful Hints and Pet Safety Tips
The beach can be fun and rewarding for both you and your dog whether you are playing catch, running on the beach or swimming in the ocean.  To make the most of your vacation, keep the following items in mind:
1.Don’t forget to pack a bag for your dog.  You will need a leash, water & food bowls, any medications (including flea/tick prevention), food, treats and "doggie” bags for puppy clean up.  It’s also good idea to bring your dog’s favorite toy or bedding to help feel secure in a new place. 
2.Be sure to bring fresh water and a drinking container for your pet.  Your dog can get easily dehydrated on the beach and will need lots of water.  Many boardwalks have hoses and showers where you can get water during your walks.  Don’t let your dog drink the ocean water as it will upset your dog’s stomach and will cause vomiting and diarrhea.
3.Since your dog is wearing a "fur coat” to the beach, make sure you have a shady spot for your pet if you are going to be out on the beach for a long time.
4.The pads on your pet’s paws can be easily burned on hot sand, pavement and asphalt.  Be careful where you walk your pet and try to keep long walks for morning and evening hours during hot weather. 
5.Keep your dog away from and out of all lagoons!  These are not intended to be swimming holes for any animals that are not reptiles!  Our lagoons are full of alligators and other critters and will leave you alone unless you invade their sanctuary.  

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