The Best Fishing Spots in Charleston

Where to Go and What to Expect

Known for its water sports and numerous water activities, Charleston has a lot to offer water enthusiasts. It isn’t a surprise then that this is a hot spot that fisherman flock to for the ultimate fishing adventure. Here are a few of the best Charleston Harbor fishing spots and the top places to go for freshwater fishing in Charleston.


Charleston Harbor Fishing Spots

The harbor provides some of the best fishing opportunities for catching saltwater fish.

  • Castle Pinckney – This small island in the middle of the harbor is great for catching flounder. Other small fish such as bluefish reside in large numbers here as well, so this is a great area for a family-friendly outing where you can get the little ones in on the fishing fun.
  • Pitt Street Bridge – For those of you who enjoy a relaxing shallow water experience, fishing off of the Pitt Street Bridge is for you. This pier offers a great view of the harbor in addition to all of the whitefish you can eat.
  • Folly Beach – The Morris Island Lighthouse on this beach can provide you with a different type of fishing experience. If you’ve never tried fly fishing before this place is a great start! Here you’ll find trout, sheepshead and black drum to name a few. The low winds and shallow waters make fly fishing a breeze with good results.
  • The Jetties – This 3-mile span of rock formations surrounding the harbor helps to regulate the flow of the tide and with it a large supply of fish. Great for year round fishing, this gem hosts all kinds of saltwater fish including flounder, tarpon and even massive amounts of spawning shrimp (for the shrimpers out there). Be sure to check out Dynamite Hole here in the summer too, where your chances of catching bull redfish are high. Don’t be too surprised if you spot a shark or two as they are also abundant at this spot!


Freshwater Fishing in Charleston

Coastal rivers and Charleston’s vast lakes are perfect for catching freshwater fish.

  • Cooper River – Largemouth bass are the hot ticket item in this lush river. You can find them easily along the wooded banks where the water is calm. While the fish may be harder to find due to the unpredictability of the tide, if you try several different spots here, a decent sized bass is sure to turn up!
  • Cypress Gardens – This swamp is a must for flat bottomed boat fisherman. Also, due to the ease of navigating the swamp finding a place to set up your poles is a fairly simple and relaxing endeavor. Guided fishing tours are even offered for visitors new to the area or new to fishing itself.
  • Francis Marion National Forest – This Park boasts several small ponds where the fish are lively. If you’re in the mood for catfish, this is the place to go! You can also catch different varieties of trout and bream that will leave you with a basketful of a great variety of fish to cook up or take home and mount on your wall.
  • Whitewater River – For a plentiful trout harvest, Whitewater River is a top pick for gathering these popular fish. A great place for fly fishing the freshwater variety, visit this serene river. Its shallow waters allow you to wade in the water and cast your line all day. Grab your pole, bait and fishing boots and head over!


Planning Your Visit

Charleston’s fishing spots are some of the best around. If you’re looking for great scenery, excellent action on the water, and the opportunity to catch your own delicious dinner, don’t miss these naturally bustling fish habitats. In order to do all of your fishing while you’re here, you’ll need a suitable place to stay that’s easily accessible to the water. There are a variety of accommodations in the area, which offer the perfect place to serve as your home base and offer more amenities than a hotel, such as private entrances, more space for families, and garage to store all of your fishing gear. Are you ready for fishing season? Book your trip today!

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