The 5 Best Parks to Visit in Charleston

How to Plan Your Trip

Charleston, South Carolina has an immense cultural scene of leisure and activity to offer, separately or combined. In fact, parks are among the top Charleston attractions and the city offers some of the best views in the country to take in. From quiet picnic spots to bustling open areas, Charleston has a park for everyone to enjoy whether you are a native or just feeling touristy. For those of you who are in need of things to do in Charleston and a guide of the best parks to visit, here are the top five must-see parks to visit in the city over your stay.


Hampton Park

After all of your time traveling to get to Charleston, you’ll want to stretch your legs a bit.  Hampton Park is the ultimate way to get some much-needed exercise while surrounded by beauty and a feeling of leisure on its 70-plus acres.  If you’re up for a hike, this is the place to do it.  With abundant hiking trails and running paths, you can get safely lost while either actively exploring the terrain or quietly reflecting on the open air around you.  While you’re in relaxation mode grab your picnic basket to have a meal gazing at the large fountain or people-watching by the annual blooms as others run, walk, and enjoy the sunshine throughout the massive grounds. Because of this park’s renowned beauty, you may even witness a wedding or photo shoot, as the photographic quality of this park is well-known beyond its gates!



Brittle Bank Park

For a park to find music and a fun along with a relaxing nighttime atmosphere, Brittle Bank Park is the way to go. Many music festivals are held in this park, making it perfect for a fun afternoon out. Here, you can attend carnivals, participate in exciting contests, and try foods from various vendors. Complete with swings, a playground, and even a dock for fishing or kayaking, you’ll have a multitude of activities to take part in at this amazing Charleston treasure.



James Island County Park

For a park that will please all ages, you can visit James Island County Park for all of the family fun you can take! This great camping park features 643 acres of land for year-round visitation. The list of things to do includes paths for walking and biking, kayak and paddle boat rentals, areas for fishing and crabbing, and evens a seasonal water park and splash zone.  For those of you have pets, feel free to bring your dog to the off-leash dog park so your furry friend can get in on the fun too.



Battery Park and White Points Gardens

During your stay be sure to head over to Battery Park and White Points Gardens.  This luscious park boasts beautiful oak trees and lends its name partially to the white oyster shells that line the pathways. Walking through this park you can marvel at gorgeous antebellum homes and the serenity of the Charleston Harbor, another iconic landmark of Charleston’s attractions.  Due to its historic involvement as a location where many battles were waged throughout the Civil War, the Revolutionary war, and others, this park pays homage to past times in the turning points of our country.  Complete with the view of Fort Sumter from a distance, strolling around Battery Park is a great way to revel in the history of this charming city.



Charles Towne Landing

If you just couldn’t get enough of the historic sites and beautiful colonial feel after seeing Battery Park, you’ll love Charles Towne Landing.  Make your time in Charleston extra special by visiting this spectacular park that offers fun for all ages.  You can rent a bike for a scenic ride, meander through the gardens, and even stop over at the natural live animal habitat offering glimpses of the kind of nature and animals that the original colonizers experienced!  An added bonus that will leave you with great memories and appreciation for this trip is finding out that this park is situated where the first Europeans settled in the Carolinas!


Planning Your Visit

Things to do in Charleston are abundant and visiting its parks should be at the top of your list.  The vast landscapes and rich culture of these five popular parks are most abundant in these cultural gems.  Not only do you get a chance to experience the outdoors that many natives appreciate, but you get to experience some of the historical mainstays that make them so proud. With so much to do in each park, chances are that you won’t be able to see and do everything all in one day. However, If you’re worried about where to stay during your visit, relax. There are plenty of spacious accommodations that are available in close proximity. Book your vacation today! To find out more about Charleston’s unique parks, click here.